Who Wrote the Book of Love AND…

Some friends of ours suggested this week that when we use our wonder and curiosity, the creativity of our lives will grow like crazy particularly over the next 10 days.

Well, we are acting on our wonder, curiosity and the creativity of our hearts.

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Spontaneous Combustion

Interesting Fact-

Spontaneous means- done by one’s own free choice, or without planning. The textbook definition of “Spontaneous Combustion” is the ignition of a combustible material without the application of external heat or flame.

Our definition is that circumstances combine in our lives to produce a spontaneous ignition that enables us to be, do, allow, and promote the miraculous.

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The Most Important Story in the World

Interesting Fact-

There are 129,864,880 books in the world according to calculations done by Google last August. “Stacked on your nightstand, they’d tower three-and-a-half thousand kilometers in the air,” writes Cathal Kelly in an article from the Toronto Star.

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What if Nothing’s Wrong?

Interesting Fact-

According to our research it seems there are over 16,000,000 civil cases filed in the state courts in America each year.  This is not the total number of lawsuits. In each of these cases one party believes they are “right” and the other part is “wrong”. The ideas of right and wrong are part of the fabric that makes up a civil and just society.

However, what happens when the habit of making something wrong with our physical condition, gets in the way of doing what we need to do to thrive and live?